Link analysis home page
Part I: Theory
1. Introduction
2. Crawlers and search engines
3. Theoretical perspectives
4. Sampling & correlations
Part II: Web structure
5. Link structures in the web graph
6. Content structure of the web
Part III: Academic links
7. Universities – link types
8. Universities - link models
9. Universities - international
10. Departments and disciplines
11. Journals and articles
Part IV: Applications
12. Site design & search engines
13. Health check for universities
14. Personal home pages
15. Academic network analysis
16. Business web sites
Part V: Tools and techniques
17. Search engines & Archive
18. Personal crawlers
19. Data cleansing
20. Cybermetrics database
21. Embedded link analysis
22. Social network analysis
23. Network visualisation
24. Academic web indicators
Part VI: Summary
25. Summary & future directions
26. Glossary
Online Appendix
Ethical issues for crawlers

Reviews of this book

- follow-up book (2009):
Introduction to Webometrics


Part V: Tools and Techniques

22. Social Network Analysis

Visit the Analytic Technologies site for the UCINET social network analysis software. The user manual for UCINET is very informative, explaining the wide range of metrics used, with academic references for most of them. Try also this online book with extra infromation about social network analysis.

See the Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks (VOSON) for a suite of tools for link data collection and analysis from a social science perspective.

Introduction to social network methods by Robert Hanneman and Mark Riddle. 2005.

See also the Network Visualization chapter.

Free software related to Social Network Analysis is available for the free R software package.

An online analysis of a United Nations web network from Brian Cugelman.


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